We specialize in customized tours and arrangements
throughout Southeast Asia, to handle all your travel
needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

We strive to blend western style management with traditional
Asian hospitality to create an ambiance that is both unique and
personal. You will lose yourself in the friendly smiles of its’
peaceful people. And soon experience all the natural wonders
and the timeless quality of the Far East.

Featured Hotels
With Global Travel & Tours Asia, where you stay is very much
part of the experience. Wherever possible we try to track down
characterful accommodation. We regularly inspect the
accommodation we use, updating our knowledge on existing
properties and researching new alternatives. Some of our most
interesting properties are featured on this website, although
we can recommend many others to suit all budgets and tastes.

Featured Countries
These are countries that will be a great introduction to the first
time traveler to South East Asia to see what life and culture are
like. The ease of arrangements and good weather year round are
the perfect destination for the adventure minded or beach goers.

Quality Guides
The quality of your guide can make the difference between a good
trip and an outstanding one. The guides we use have been picked
by us as the best available and great care has been taken over their
training. They provide more than just dates or names; they strive
to offer a real insight into their country and region. Some may
even welcome you into their home or their local temple. By the end
of their trip many Global Travel & Tours Asia clients say a reluctant
goodbye, feeling they have made a lifelong friend.

We look forward to meeting all of you. We know you will experience
the warm hospitality of our people and beautiful landscape of our
home, The Far East.

We’re here to get you on your way! For personalized assistance developing a customized itinerary, 
or for general questions, we’re a phone call or email away.




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holiday for you please give us as much information as you can including when you want to travel, for
how long, where you want to go, how many people and an approximate budget per person.

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